Monday, 2 March 2015

Introduction To Me, myself and I.

My name, is Tabitha, even though I prefer to be called by either one my nicknames; Tabbie, Tabbs or Tabby. I'm 13 and rather short. (About 5'3) On with the show (Show must go on heh heh) Here's my intro to me, myself and I.

Interests.. I don't really have *set* interests, as I tend to flit between activities. A few activities I take interest in on a regular basis would have to be; reading, writing, drawing, music and learning new languages. At the moment the languages I'm in the process of learning are German, Latin, Welsh and Gaelic. I would like to, after I have learnt these languages to look into learning Swedish, Polish or Russian. I also support the Denver Broncos. (Woop Broncs.)

Hobbies for me is an hard topic to think about, seeming as I have so many interests.
The main hobby I have is running, it's always been a big part of my life.
I try to go running most weekends and sometimes afternoons, but I've rather busy with other extra-curricular activities. My week goes something like this: 
Monday: School then that afternoon going to mom's work to help out.
Tuesday: School, then I head to Riverlea to help out with the 4-5 class, then I have my own class (5-6), then home.
Wednesdays: School, Waquy then home.
Thursday: School, home, then Cadet Corps from 6-9
Friday: School, home.
Saturday: Usually hanging with my mates.
Sunday: This is movie day for anyone who can come :3

Last but not least I would like to say what I will be including on this blog. 
Some of my writing, my school life, exciting things that happen at home/outside of school and anything Mrs. Hogg says we have to include, heh heh :3


  1. Like the background although it is a little hard to read the red and black.
    Great job posting I like how you put your day to day timetable on.

  2. Great post. I like your topic, it reminds me of me a little bit because I don't have set interests.