Sunday, 22 March 2015


Little limericks.

In class yesterday, we had a block where we went over how to write limericks. 
Below are a whole bunch that I wrote, any opinions?

There once was a girl called Alice,
Whose family lived in a palace.
She had a pet rat,
and was always a brat,
Always speaking to her mother with malice.

There once was a boy called Grover,
Who walked all the way to Dover.
He found a ring,
That made him sing,
But sadly he got run over.

There once was a girl called China,
And nobody could ever look finer.
Boys want a kiss,
But she would diss,
And that year she married a miner.

There once was a lad called Ray,
Who bought a mockingjay.
He went war,
But then got sore,
And that morning he ran away.

(Now, I came to this one and figured out that the only way it makes sense, is if you use a Scottish accent. Have fun trying to read this one aloud heh heh.)

There once was a golden goose,
Whose collar was very loose.
She slipped right out,
Then heard a shout,
As a giant yelled "MY HOOSE!"

(So bad, I know :3 )

There once was a potato called Bob,
Who always played the part of a slob,
He nearly got mashed one day,
So he ran far away,
And now he's working a full time job.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this, you have done really well to hear the rhythm within each limerick. My favourite is the first one because Alice isn't easy to rhyme, yet you did it really well.

  2. You've got almost no comments, :(
    But here's one!

    You know that you are very good a limericks, don't you?
    These are very well rhymed, and also have a certain story to each one.

  3. Great Limericks, where do you get your inspriation?

    1. For each I focus on a specific thing or person that I know alot about then write around that, for example:

      My first one I chose the name Alice because that's what I named my kitten.
      My second one I chose Grover because I love Sesame Street and Dover because I would love to visit there.
      My third one I chose China because in the series Skulduggery Pleasant there's a character called China who has the power to make anyone fall in love with her at first sight.
      My fourth one I chose a mockingjay because I love the Hunger Games series.
      My fifth one I just made up off the top of my head because I was bored :p
      And my last one about a potato is simply because I love potatoes and have a plushie one called Bob. :D

      Thanks for the comment!