Friday, 30 October 2015


So Halloween is tonight, thought I'd share my makeup for this year.
Pop art inspired, meant to look like out of a comic book.

This is my first try soo..

Original versions:

                                                            Edited versions:

So if anyone has opinions, please do tell me C:

Exhibition Review

Getting through all of exhibition, proved to be more difficult than we
first anticipated. But my group still managed to finish, maybe not to as high of a standard
that we would have liked, but at least we finished. 
A large portion of exhibition was spent filling in worksheets that were part of our inquiry cycle. 

All of these worksheets were glued into our big book, and assessed almost every week.
Not only did we work in our big book, but in our UOI book as well. 

My group, at the beginning of Exhibition, didn't work very well together. 
We had trouble staying on topic/task and getting our work completed by the deadlines.
After organising our first mentor meeting with Ms Wilkinson, we managed to delegate tasks more thoroughly and evenly, resulting in our group finishing the overdue work and the current work for those weeks.

After having a couple of mentor meetings my group started to really get on track, managing to work independently without needing to continuously ask others what to do or how to do it. After completing all the set worksheets my group moved on to researching different areas not included in the worksheets. Our research went well and by this time my group had learnt how to work successfully with each other, and how to give reliable and positive feedback to each others' ideas.

I think that my group could have worked better at the beginning but I was happy with the end result from all of our hard work.

Exhibition Day

On the 23rd of September, we had exhibition day,
 the final day for any last minute adjustments that needed to be made.
My group, was ready. Our groups name was TTHOR, this was made using the first letters of each group members name. (Tuscany- Year 9, Tabitha- Year 9, Harlem- Year 8, Olivia- Year 8, Richard- Year 9.) 

We were ready, having set up most of our exhibit the day before, 
all that was left was to hook up our laptop to the active board.

Below is an exert from part of my finished 
report explaining the ways we presented our information.

Lights, Camera, Animate!

In my group, we have Richard (Year 9), Olivia (Year 8), Tuscany (Year 9), Harlem (Year 8) and myself (Year 9.) We are working as a group to achieve our action statement; “Can our memory game, footprints and animation raise awareness of the lack of support for LGBT+ and help influence equality?” Our memory game that we have chosen to do is made of laminated paper with everyday difficulties for LGBT+, and we chose to present the difficulties in the form of a memory game, because it means that the person playing the game has to read the information in order to successfully complete the game. One of our other two ways of presenting were footprints; we plan to put these on the ground leading to our animation, these have pictures of the difficulties included in the memory game, as to create a visual. Now, the last way of presenting the bulk of our information is our animation, this is a timelapse video that Olivia and I, have been working on. It consists of the different stereotypes that revolve around being “gay”, and it is shown through drawings and simple captions, drawn on a whiteboard by myself and filmed by Olivia.

Throughout the day, the school showed large interest in our video,
at times we had a large crowd in front of our display, and at other only a few
would stay to watch. But never the less, we agreed that we all thought we had managed
to get our information through to the viewers.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Miss Cadaver

Live hard, Die young, Leave a gorgeous corpse..

Ever wondered what you do in the after life? How about a beauty pageant?

 'Miss Cadaver! 2015 Think you're the most gorgeous deceased doll around? Come try out!' 

Can you imagine that? A girl who died by falling out of a window, running out onto the stage, her face still smooshed and a gleam in her eyes as she starts to belt out.. "I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky.." Or how about someone who was drowned coming out, still with seaweed in their hair and sand under their nails coming onto the stage and starting to dance to the song 'Swim until you can't see land.' 

This is a reality, not so much with real dead people but more like amazing SFX makeups! There is a contest in the North Island of New Zealand called 'Miss Cadaver' Which is, essentially a beauty pageant for dead people. All you need is an outfit, a talent and to be over 18!

Sometimes people go simple, like with a slit throat and make it their own, along with their talent!

Image result for slit throat makeup

Or sometimes they go bigger, like a drown victim..

Image result for drown victim sfx

A popart zombie..

Image result for glam and gore pop art zombie pink

Or even an evil nun!
!Image result for skeletal nun sfx

These are all very cool makeups and the best thing is, I'm going to be attempting the pop art zombie on my mother, who is planning to enter this years compotition!


I am currently in the process of practicing for a lead part in my schools production, which is called 'Tumatauenga ko te pakanga.' In this I play Nanny Roko, the lead characters Nanny. She's a polite and reserved, yet strong-willed old woman who will if given the opportunity get into the thick of things.

I'm really excited to be part of this with the rest of this huge yet amazing cast. (Mainly of which consists of girls haha.) So many talented people are involved in this already and I can't wait for the big night!

The main story of our production is about a boy (Tumatauenga) who is having to deal with the fact that hardly anyone at school could say his full name so they all just call him Tu. His best friend Stan/Kupe also has the same problem, and this causing Tu and Stan to have numerous falling outs.

Throughout the main story, there are little myths that are connected to the main story by either namesakes, events that happen or the characters being aware of their heritage. To list a few of these myths, there will be:

Kupe and the giant octopus.

A link to a retelling of the story: Kupe and the Giant Wheke / Māori Myths, Legends and ...

Image result for kupe and the giant octopus

The Seven starts of Matariki

A link to a youtube video of the author of this book reading it out loud: Seven Stars of Matariki - YouTube

Image result for the seven stars of matariki art

The creation of the Waikato river (Taupiri and Tongariro.)

Image result for the creation of the waikato river maori legend art

Hopefully this is going to be an awesome production!