Friday, 30 October 2015

Exhibition Review

Getting through all of exhibition, proved to be more difficult than we
first anticipated. But my group still managed to finish, maybe not to as high of a standard
that we would have liked, but at least we finished. 
A large portion of exhibition was spent filling in worksheets that were part of our inquiry cycle. 

All of these worksheets were glued into our big book, and assessed almost every week.
Not only did we work in our big book, but in our UOI book as well. 

My group, at the beginning of Exhibition, didn't work very well together. 
We had trouble staying on topic/task and getting our work completed by the deadlines.
After organising our first mentor meeting with Ms Wilkinson, we managed to delegate tasks more thoroughly and evenly, resulting in our group finishing the overdue work and the current work for those weeks.

After having a couple of mentor meetings my group started to really get on track, managing to work independently without needing to continuously ask others what to do or how to do it. After completing all the set worksheets my group moved on to researching different areas not included in the worksheets. Our research went well and by this time my group had learnt how to work successfully with each other, and how to give reliable and positive feedback to each others' ideas.

I think that my group could have worked better at the beginning but I was happy with the end result from all of our hard work.

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