Friday, 30 October 2015

Exhibition Day

On the 23rd of September, we had exhibition day,
 the final day for any last minute adjustments that needed to be made.
My group, was ready. Our groups name was TTHOR, this was made using the first letters of each group members name. (Tuscany- Year 9, Tabitha- Year 9, Harlem- Year 8, Olivia- Year 8, Richard- Year 9.) 

We were ready, having set up most of our exhibit the day before, 
all that was left was to hook up our laptop to the active board.

Below is an exert from part of my finished 
report explaining the ways we presented our information.

Lights, Camera, Animate!

In my group, we have Richard (Year 9), Olivia (Year 8), Tuscany (Year 9), Harlem (Year 8) and myself (Year 9.) We are working as a group to achieve our action statement; “Can our memory game, footprints and animation raise awareness of the lack of support for LGBT+ and help influence equality?” Our memory game that we have chosen to do is made of laminated paper with everyday difficulties for LGBT+, and we chose to present the difficulties in the form of a memory game, because it means that the person playing the game has to read the information in order to successfully complete the game. One of our other two ways of presenting were footprints; we plan to put these on the ground leading to our animation, these have pictures of the difficulties included in the memory game, as to create a visual. Now, the last way of presenting the bulk of our information is our animation, this is a timelapse video that Olivia and I, have been working on. It consists of the different stereotypes that revolve around being “gay”, and it is shown through drawings and simple captions, drawn on a whiteboard by myself and filmed by Olivia.

Throughout the day, the school showed large interest in our video,
at times we had a large crowd in front of our display, and at other only a few
would stay to watch. But never the less, we agreed that we all thought we had managed
to get our information through to the viewers.

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