Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Miss Cadaver

Live hard, Die young, Leave a gorgeous corpse..

Ever wondered what you do in the after life? How about a beauty pageant?

 'Miss Cadaver! 2015 Think you're the most gorgeous deceased doll around? Come try out!' 

Can you imagine that? A girl who died by falling out of a window, running out onto the stage, her face still smooshed and a gleam in her eyes as she starts to belt out.. "I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the sky.." Or how about someone who was drowned coming out, still with seaweed in their hair and sand under their nails coming onto the stage and starting to dance to the song 'Swim until you can't see land.' 

This is a reality, not so much with real dead people but more like amazing SFX makeups! There is a contest in the North Island of New Zealand called 'Miss Cadaver' Which is, essentially a beauty pageant for dead people. All you need is an outfit, a talent and to be over 18!

Sometimes people go simple, like with a slit throat and make it their own, along with their talent!

Image result for slit throat makeup

Or sometimes they go bigger, like a drown victim..

Image result for drown victim sfx

A popart zombie..

Image result for glam and gore pop art zombie pink

Or even an evil nun!
!Image result for skeletal nun sfx

These are all very cool makeups and the best thing is, I'm going to be attempting the pop art zombie on my mother, who is planning to enter this years compotition!

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  1. Well I'm sure your make up skills probably aren't as good as this ladies. But good job for trying. You should post a photo of your finished product on your blog.