Tuesday, 8 September 2015


I am currently in the process of practicing for a lead part in my schools production, which is called 'Tumatauenga ko te pakanga.' In this I play Nanny Roko, the lead characters Nanny. She's a polite and reserved, yet strong-willed old woman who will if given the opportunity get into the thick of things.

I'm really excited to be part of this with the rest of this huge yet amazing cast. (Mainly of which consists of girls haha.) So many talented people are involved in this already and I can't wait for the big night!

The main story of our production is about a boy (Tumatauenga) who is having to deal with the fact that hardly anyone at school could say his full name so they all just call him Tu. His best friend Stan/Kupe also has the same problem, and this causing Tu and Stan to have numerous falling outs.

Throughout the main story, there are little myths that are connected to the main story by either namesakes, events that happen or the characters being aware of their heritage. To list a few of these myths, there will be:

Kupe and the giant octopus.

A link to a retelling of the story: Kupe and the Giant Wheke / Māori Myths, Legends and ...

Image result for kupe and the giant octopus

The Seven starts of Matariki

A link to a youtube video of the author of this book reading it out loud: Seven Stars of Matariki - YouTube

Image result for the seven stars of matariki art

The creation of the Waikato river (Taupiri and Tongariro.)

Image result for the creation of the waikato river maori legend art

Hopefully this is going to be an awesome production!

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