Tuesday, 8 September 2015


In Tech Arts we have been working on taking perspective pictures and editing them, my group consists of Olivia, Emily, Yuxi, Rachel and myself. Everytime we come into a class we watch a movie to help give ideas for that session, it helps alot in my opinion.

A few of the photos that we have taken are like, rotating a picture of someone hanging from monkeybars but looking like they're hanging from a blade of grass or something when you rotate it. Another was when it looked like I was picking up a tiny Olivia and dropping her again.

Image result for perspective pictures

This is an example of the holding a tiny person, it's actually very simple. All you have to do is have someone far away and someone closer then line them up! You can even try this at home. :D

But not only did we do pictures, but we also did short clips. Some of these were like, Olivia running along my arm, jumping from my head to my hand and being dropped into a bag.

If you want to see some cool examples of perspective videos, just give this link a click! (It'll take you to a youtube video of Zach King, a perspective video viner.)


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