Sunday, 16 August 2015

Good morning my lovelies!
Soooo, today I'm going to write a post about something interesting! Yayyy. *crowd starts applauding* Quiet please, quiet. We need to get started :3 *crowd goes silent*

This post is going to be about... Hauraki Experience 2015 *throws little pieces of toast into the air like confetti* It's so exciting :D

Well, as you would know from my last post, I went to Hauraki Experience in the holidays and during that time I managed to become a Warrant Officer Class 2 for a day, this meant I was addressed as Sergeant Major and had a whole lot of authority. But along with this authority came the fact I had to take a Navigation class, most of the other people in this class who were listening at first did not respect me or listen when I wanted them quiet. I showed them that even though I'm small, I am also loud.

After them having quietened down, I started the "lesson." I had chosen to do a class on Nav. (Navigation.) I chose to centre  the lesson around 'Parts of a compass.' We started with seeing what they already knew about a compass and what they didn't. Kind of like how a teacher will give you a test at the beginning of a new strand of work to see what you already know. We had a quiz and everyone did well. (Picture of a compass diagram below.)

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