Sunday, 19 July 2015

The week before the holidays were due to start I got some exciting news from my (HCCU) unit commander. This news was that my NZCF8 application for the 2015 Hauraki Experience, had been accepted and I was one of the 11 Cadets and NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers)  going to this camp. It started on the 5th of July 2015 where over 90 Cadets including myself from Western Bay of Plenty (Tauranga) Rotorua District, Te Awamutu, Hamilton City, Opotiki, Taupo and Rangitikei Ruapehu Cadet Units set out to the Waiouru Army Camp to participate in Exercise Hauraki Experience. The Exercise is sponsored by the Hauraki Company and this year was setup on the 117th Birthday of the Hauraki Regiment for the Cadet Corps Units in the area.
We were exposed to the Army Culture from day one when we arrived at around 4 and were welcomed home at the Army Marae, with waiata and a haka. We then went on to setup our barracks. Females in one and Males in another, they had to upkeep the standard that we would find as a new recruit on basic training. Every morning we were woken up at 5.45am and had to carry out barrack routine prior to breakfast and an hour of drill. Some mornings and/or nights we would have fire drills, where we had to be out and formed up at the correct point with the correct items. (Covered shoes, fire blanket, scarf, gloves, beanie.)

Throughout the week the we went through a number of exercises under the direction of 15 Headquarters Staff and 7 Territorial Force Staff. Some of the exercises consisted of:
• 22 Marlin shoot to practice Marksmanship skills,
• A tour of the Museum where we also had to research small parts of the History of NZ, to present later as part of a competition.
• Navigation Theory Lesson where we put our skills into practice in a Practical Exercise
• Leaderless Task, giving opportunity to anyone to step forward and be a leader
• Familiarizations shoot at the Weapons Electronic Training Simulator firing the Steyr at the prone position
• PT session and Swim Test
• Drill Competition
• Barrack inspection
During the week we were exposed to all conditions from sun, rain, wind and of course the snow, but no matter what was thrown at the us, in my opinion everyone tried their best.
On the last day, we all performed a March out Parade and Haka in front of Lieutenant Colonel W. Banks, former 6th Hauraki Regiment Commanding Officer and founder of Hauraki Experience. He presented each of us with a Certificate of Participation and a number of Trophies and award to the Cadets who were lucky enough to earn any of these amazing awards such as Top Cadet of each Platoon, Top Shooter of Each Platoon, Most Improved from each Platoon, Top Shooter overall, Top Junior NCO, Top Senior NCO, Soldiers Choice Award, Top Platoon and Top Supreme Award.

I'm going to be writing separate posts about the different activities soon and will include some pictures.
Thanks for reading! :D

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  1. This is really cool.
    I like how you have talked about something you are really passionate about.
    How did you go?

    From Natalie